Farmers Market Tent Weights

This is a wyoming wind sock, its an old joke
and although exaggerated, its not far from the truth. We fight the wind most weekends at farmers
market, and when you have a tent that is 10feet wide by 20 feet long, you basically have a
giant kite. And if you don’t want to go flying you had
better figure out a way to tie your tent down. In the past we have used buckets full of sand
attached to the tent as an anchor, but they are a tripping hazard, so this year we found
another solution. Tube weights attached at the corners of the
tent to help hold it down. And heres how we built them. Starting out with 3 inch pvc, home depot sells
precut pieces but you can make them any length you would like, keep in mind, the longer they
are the more they will weigh. These are 2 feet long and by the math, once
we fill them with concrete they will weigh between 20 and 25 lbs each. Adding almost 100 lbs of weight to the tent
to hold it down. Also you will need caps and hooks to hang
the weights. I couldn’t find any hooks with a bold end
so I purchased eyebolts and we will cut them to make hooks. First you glue one cap on the end of the pipe
using pvc glue. You apply the purple primer and then the glue
and push the cap on . Then its time to fill the pipe with concrete,
I use quickcrete that we keep around the ranch to set posts, butting the bag open, adding
water and stirring in a wheelbarrow with a shovel. Add water slowly and mix making sure that
all the concrete is absorbed. You don’t want your concrete to be too soupy
so keep adding water until you end up with a consistency that is comparable to cookie
dough. Then using a cup you can add your concrete
to the pipe. If you don’t want to use concrete you can
also use sand or even rocks. The main idea is to just get an amount of
weight into the pipe. When the pipe is full then you can level it
out and let it sit. The other end cap will need a hole drilled
for the hook to attach, but first we will make the hook. Using a vise and a reciprocating saw, I cut
the eyebolt open to allow a gap for the arm of the tent to pass through. And then I test it, making sure the gap is
sufficient. The hooks made then its time to drill a hole
in the cap, I mark center, then using a drill press make a hole big enough for the threaded
part of your hook to pass through. Then its just a matter of attaching the hook
to the cap. The next step is putting the cap on the pipe,
using the primer and glue once again. After letting the glue dry for a bit we can
find out how much they weigh, and we are just over 20 lbs a piece. A quick shot of spray paint makes them presentable
and covers any markings on the pipe or primer that might have run out. At market they go on the tent and they have
proven successful at holding our tent to the ground in winds up to about 15 to 20 miles
per hour. These weights can be used for anything you
need to keep in place and with the ability to make them at any size you can use them
for a variety of purposes. As with most things on the ranch, you see
a problem and you have to come up with a solution and this is another one of those quick builds. Thanks for joining us in our Wyoming life.

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